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Benchmarks in the world of optics for using state-of-the-art technologies and treatments backed by the guarantee of the KODAK brand, a global brand symbol of quality and service.  With more than 165 years of experience in the imaging sector, we continue to invest in research and development in order to offer the best product equipped with the best technology on the market with a wide range and a wide offer to satisfy all visual needs.


KODAK Digital Single Vision Lenses

In a modern world, our eyes are the main source of information and they are constantly working. Kodak Digital Single Vision lenses give you sharper, clearer vision in all circumstances and in all fields of vision, eliminating peripheral distortions.

  • Better image quality thanks to i-Sync technology.

  • Sharper vision across the entire surface of the lens.

  • Less eye strain, so you have more relaxed eyes.

  • Better definition, even in lateral glances.



KODAK Easy Lenses

Kodak Easy Lenses are designed to provide a more natural visual experience in eye and head movements, facilitating reading thanks to their wide visual fields in intermediate vision.

• Vision in high resolution thanks to its digital carving.

• Easy adaptation.

• Natural and comfortable position for reading.

• Suitable for a wide variety of mounts.

See the sc o l o res of life!

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